Getting ready for the waves
A nautical chart.
Rock and Calm Water
Planning the day.

The focus in level 3 is on leadership, risk-assessment, decision-making, judgment, group management, and general seamanship in the context of a multi-day journey. You will also work to perfect skills such as a power forward stroke, effective bracing, maneuvering control in waves or current, and rescue skills including rolling and towing.

The course is a four day course split over two weekends with the second weekend comprising an overnight journey.  Level 3 participants provide leadership to level 2 participants on the trip portion of the course.  

Tuition: $550 + $100 for kayak rental if required
Location: Placentia Bay, NL
Prerequisites: Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills certification or equivalent skill and knowledge.
Includes: Certification, course manual, group equipment and meals for the trip.
Course Dates: October 7-9 & 14-15, 2017

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Quality instruction, well-organized program and a fun learning experience. This has to be one of the best Paddle Canada level 2 programs in Canada!

A sea kayak


Linda Bartlett, St. John's, NL