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We love wilderness travel in all its forms. We are programmed to be outdoors, to be explorers and to work in groups to accomplish goals.  There is a deep need in all of us to escape the mundane and live outside.  With an appropriate level of skill, good equipment and the right group of friends, a well planned wilderness adventure will enhance your appreciation of friendship, the natural world and your own self worth.  The rewards are significant and the memories are forever.

These short films highlight why we kayak, canoe, ski and rock climb.  They were made primarly for us to reminisce about our shared experiences but we put them here in the hope that they may inspire others to get out and experience the rewards only wilderness travel can provide.  

Southern Exposure - This is a week-long trip we did from Grey River to Port aux Basques.  It picked up where a 2009 trip, which began in Hermitage, left off.  Together the two trips represent our completion of the entire south coast of Newfoundland - perhaps the most spectacular and challenging coast to paddle on our island.    

Wilderness Canoe School - a short promotional video of our favorite instructional progam.

Suffer Fest - The story of our nine day sea kayak trip to Northern Labrador. We experienced the most challenging weather we have ever expereinced on any of our trips. A quasistationary low would sit over us for nearly the entire trip and break a fifty year record for rainfall.  The video also highlights some of the precautions needed to travel in polar bear country.  

Beers, Bugs and Guns - One of our most enjoyable trips ever.  Great weather and great water levels combined to make what some of us consider to have been the perfect trip.  Labrador's Churchill (Grand) River is a classic trip with lots of history. The lower section will be damed soon to provide clean energy to our province and we were very happy to get the opportunity to paddle it while it was still unobstructed.  

Wicked! - This is a video of us paddlig the Placentia tide race on one of the biggest tides of the year.  Viewer discression is advised.  It shows that not every adventure has to be 9 days long.  This spot really gets good when you have tide opposing a westerly wind and swell.  On this day the swell and wind was from the southwest causing lots of confusion.  While not ideal conditions it was still a blast.  

Paddling with the Past - In the days before we discovered the joys of Gortex Dry suits (circa 2002) Richard Alexander and Justin French spent three weeks sea kayaking up the west coast of Greenland. The trip finished three hundred miles north of the arctic circle. It was the first major trip that we had done outside of Canada and the first time we made a film of the experieince.  Edited by our Friend Baptist Neis, this video won its division in the Waterwalker Film festival in 2003.

Paddling with the Past - A Greenland sea kayak expedition

Richard Alexander and students.

We're always eager to hear from people who are interested in our courses, or from alumni who've taken our courses and just want to let us know how they're paddling pursuits are going.


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I was nervous of what would be expected of me. Those fears were quickly put to rest. The course format advocates skills advancement in a fun and enthusiastic way.

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