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Rock and Calm Water
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This impressive technique was first developed by northern native cultures and has become the best self-rescue method for its speed and its ability to minimize exposure to the cold ocean water. Learning to roll not only enhances your safety, it improves your bracing and confidence on the water. During this evening session you will develop a solid foundation to perfect this valuable maneuver.

Tuition: $85
Location: St. John's (other locations on demand)
Prerequisites: Paddle Canada Level 1 or equivalent certification/experience. Students must have a solid foundation of the basic strokes and rescues before taking this course.
Includes: Kayak and equipment
Course Dates: On demand throughout the season -- call to set up a time

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Quality instruction, well-organized program and a fun learning experience. This has to be one of the best Paddle Canada level 2 programs in Canada!

A sea kayak


Linda Bartlett, St. John's, NL