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Do I need my own equipment?

Not necessarily, we have a number of boat and equipment packages that are available to rent on our courses but the number is limited.  Availability is on a first come first served basis.  Wet suits are required on our courses and can be rented locally for a nominal fee. 

Is sea kayaking dangerous?

While sea kayaking is not “dangerous” it does carry much more risk than an activity such as golf.  That is, however, part of what makes sea kayaking so rewarding.  Our courses work to impart the ability to recognize hazards, avoid environments beyond your ability, and deal with challenges when things go wrong. 

Will we be learning how to roll?

Rolling is an intermediate skill and best learned after a participant has a solid foundation of the basics.  It is also best learned in a one on one environment.  We offer roll training for those with level 1 certification on an “on demand” basis.  Our Level 2 course contains roll training in the program. 

Where do you run your courses?

Our introductory courses are generally run in and around the St. John’s, NL area.  Higher level programming is run in areas around the province, like Burgeo and Nortre Dame Bay, which provide the environmental conditions necessary for skill development at that level.  We can run programs almost anywhere in the country and do so “on demand”.  Visit our classrooms page.  

What should I wear?

A wet suit (or other thermal protection) is mandatory on our courses and can be rented locally for a nominal fee.  Kayaking and canoeing are outdoor activities so dress accordingly.  Non-cotton clothing such as fleece and polyester should be used for insulation and a good waterproof jacket and pants are essential.  Wool hats are a must even in the middle of summer. 

Do you take children on your courses?

There is no age limit on our courses but 14 is our typical cut off.  This has to do more with the physical size of a child than maturity.  A child needs to have a certain size and strength to be able to move a boat around particularly in wind.  Children are, however, typically very good at learning physical skills and can do better than adults in our programs. We do make exceptions on the age requirement so please contact us. 

Do you offer guide certification courses?

There is no national guide certification in Canada only industry standard and best practice.  The Paddle Canada national certification program is that industry standard and best practice. If you are interested in being responsible for the safety of others and getting paid to do so, national certification should be your first step. The various levels in the PC program reflect more and more challenging environments and your skill level as a guide should be, at a minimum, one level above the environment where you want to take clients.       

I have been paddling for a while but I have never taken a course, can I skip a level?

Our experience has been that skipping levels does more harm for skill development than good. Good instruction at lower levels is almost essential to success at higher levels.  However, if you do have training and experience lower levels, taking a lower level program may not provide you with appropriate challenge.  A discussion with our course director is the best way to determine the most appropriate course for your ability.  


We're always eager to hear from people who are interested in our courses, or from alumni who've taken our courses and just want to let us know how they're paddling pursuits are going.

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