Our HistoryThe making of the Newfoundland Kayak Company

In 1999 the founders of the Newfoundland Kayak Company (NKC), Justin French and Richard Alexander took the very first Paddle Canada (PC) instructor program offered in the country.  Justin and Richard had spent many years as sea kayak guides in Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park and in the Bay of Exploits and believed strongly that a national certification program was needed.  NKC quickly became one of the most active providers of kayak training in Atlantic Canada and within a few years, the province was certifying more people per capita than any other province in the country. 

More than 15 years later, NKC has certified thousands of people under the national certification program with about a quarter of those coming from outside the province.  Today NKC is one of the only organizations in the country able to offer the entire PC sea kayak program and as a result, NKC instructors regularly travel across the country to teach and run programs for other organizations.  Canoeing is now a major part of the instructional program offering with NKC being one of the few organizations able to offering the PC Coastal Canoeing program. 

After more than 20 years and hundreds of courses, the NKC experience has been refined to the point where the programs are second to none.   We love to paddle, instruct and share our love of outdoor adventure more than ever.


We're always eager to hear from people who are interested in our courses, or from alumni who've taken our courses and just want to let us know how they're paddling pursuits are going.

The Newfoundland Kayak Company


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